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Tom Schmidt

Tom Schmidt - Food Blogger in Chicago, IL - Healthy LivingTom the bomb… or something like that…

Curator of fun and great flavors in the kitchen with a great big side of healthy green stuff.  I promote a REAL food balanced approach to eating.  Each recipe has been prepared a number of times and the posts are designed to give you the confidence to actually try these at home.  You will look like a pro, fo sho!

The recipes are drawn from my real life.  I have experimented with various dietary lifestyles (paleo, vegetarian, etc.), and landed on a balanced approach that makes me feel vibrant and strong!

Originally Eat with Tom evolved from hundreds of hours spent ‘sardined’ into airplanes during my time as a travelling consultant.  Yep, I was that guy reading a cookbook in the middle seat.

These days I live in the Uptown / Lakeview area of Chicago as I pursue a few different entrepreneurial ventures.  Check out my Instagram feed for a view into my daily happenings.

Food Philosophy

Generally I don’t like rules, so I go with this idea:  “It’s not about what I CAN’T eat, but what wonderful greens / veggies / fresh meat / etc. that I DO get to EAT!”  This simple rephrasing changed my relationship with food.  With a general focus on more nutrient rich food, you will no doubt feel the wonderful effects.  Placing emphasis on great tasting whole foods has had a positive effect on my health and I am here to help you thrive as well!



Angela the Baker

Editor and Contributor

Angela keeps Eat with Tom looking cool by fixing the numerous typos and censoring my terrible jokes (yes I have an endless supply).

She’s a lady with many talents, wearing many hats. As a baker and food aficionado, she has  knack for creating some of the most beautiful rustic loaves and pastries west of the Mississippi.  Making Midwestern comfort food with a healthier ‘crunchy’ side, you wish she was your grandma!  Angela has worked with The Farmhouse, one of the coolest farm to table restaurants in Kansas City and as a baker at The Denver Bread Company(who does have the most beautiful bread in the West. SHAMELESS PLUG!)

Angela and Tom have been getting into trouble since the early days when they were nearly birthday twins, sharing the same hospital room.  And so it shall continue for days to come… Getting into trouble that is…

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