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Best Aeropress Brewing Method by Joshua from Everybody’s Coffee

Nothing starts the morning off like a cup of coffee. Or really, the afternoon… or the work week… or even the weekend! With so much coffee, shouldn’t it be awesome? Joshua from Everybody’s Coffee in Chicago is a coffee aficionado who has studied, and perfected the art of the Aeropress inverted brewing method. People come from around Chicago to enjoy his brews, I’ve seen them at the shop… This video and recipe outline the step by step instructions to craft an amazing cup of coffee that doesn’t suck, right at home!

Videographer Tom Schmidt in Uptwon Chicago Everybodys coffee brewing recipe and method for inverted

The recipe video begins by explaining the grind size and how it should look (like a coarse sand) for the best result. We used the Hario Ceramic Slim Mini Mill hand grinder with 6 clicks from closed on to get the perfect grind for this variety.

“If your coffee tastes too acidic, grassy/vegetal, or weak, go down one click at a time (a finer grind) & if your coffee tastes too bitter, drying, or harsh, go up one click at a time.” -Joshua

Turn the Aeropress upside down and toss in the grounds. Josh then shows us how to use the Bonavita Kettle to properly moisten the grounds with a swirling motion. This sounds a little silly at first, swirling and pouring slowly… but it helps to open up the flavors and get the hot water more evenly throughout the Aeropress chamber. Can’t argue with results… Once the chamber has reached capacity, give it a gentle stir with a metal spoon or the included stirrer. Replace the lid and LET IT BREW!

Josh uses a basic kitchen timer to track the brewing time which totals just about two minutes, 1:40 for brewing and about :30 for the plunging. He makes it look so easy… that you will definitely have to try it at home. To really geek out on the Aeropress, stop by Everybody’s Coffee and pick Josh’s brain or look up the World Aeropress Championship (no kidding!) for creative and crazy recipes.


Everybody’s Coffee is hosting the Midwest Regional Aeropress Competition this year on February 27, 2016 and Josh be competing!  More details at:


A few behind the scenes shots!

Let’s Brew!

Inverted Aeropress Brew Recipe with Step by Step Instructions


18g Fresh Whole Bean Coffee
250g of 206F water (1 minute off of boil)


Hario Ceramic Slim Mini Mill
Bonavita Kettle
Kitchen Scale
Basic Timer

Gather your tools and start heating the water to 206F.

Aeropress recommended electric kettle bonavita josh peebles perfect recipe for inverted method

Grind freshly roasted whole bean coffee on a medium fine setting resulting in a coarse sand texture.

hand grind at setting six for perfect aeropress coffee best method for brewing

Rinse the Aeropress filter to wash away the bleach and paper taste. Seems silly, but if you taste the water that comes out, you can taste the paper… This would have gone into your coffee!

prepare the aeropress filter by rinsing with the bonavita kettle at 205 degrees eat with tom

Add ground coffee to the Aeropress chamber. Give it a gentle shake to level the grounds.

Tom schmidt photographer chicago video about coffee aeropress brewing method

Begin pouring hot water (206F or 1 minute off of boil) into the inverted Aeropress. Add water (250g) in a swirling motion to evenly brew. Stir gently with a metal spoon or included Aeropress paddle.

artisian coffee making tips video from everybodys coffee chicago brewing method

Add lid, screw on to secure and allow to brew for 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Perfect aeropress inverted method instructions with video eat with tom chicago

Turn brewing vessel (any cup that fits!) onto the filter area of the Aeropress. Flip Aeropress and cup to begin plunging.

how to make the best coffee with the aeropress method instruction eat with tom chicago

Plunge gently to complete press in about 30 seconds.

perfect cup of coffee that doesn't suck with the aeropress Tom Schmidt Photographer brewing instructions

Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy! Many people (me included) add a little hot water to get the desired coffee strength. The coffee used here is a light roast making it look a little less strong, don’t be fooled, the Aeropress will make a cup as dark as night with darker roasts.

Let’s Drink!

Coffee Expert Josh in Chicago, inverted aeropress instructions

A HEARTY THANKS to Josh and all of our friends at Everybody’s Coffee at: 935 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Check out the Google Indoor Streetview Virtual Tour by Tom’s business

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