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Applesauce Recipe – Easy Homemade Method

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Homemade applesauce, although sort of resembles the store-bought stuff, blows it away with the soft texture and wonderful sweetness. Sometimes the simple things are worth making at home.


Applesauce is another homemade item that you probably think: “Shoot, that probably requires some tools I don’t have…” Actually… all you need is a peeler, knife, pot and smasher. Boom applesauce! It’s so stinkin easy that you will likely pull it right into your set of GO TO recipes.


The apples used in this recipe were of the variety “On Sale.” Yes, that is a variety most likely found at your grocery store. They may have been Fuji apples, but I forgot. I have made this easy applesauce recipe out of quite a few varieties of apples thus far and have not found a bad one. Some end up a little more tart than others, but absolutely edible. If it’s slightly tart, just give it a few days in the fridge and voilà it becomes sweeter.

Let’s Cook!

Applesauce Recipe for Best Chunky Applesauce!


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How to Make “Magic Dust” Spice Recipe, Amazing Chicken Wings

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Top rated bbq rub Magic Dust from Peace, Love and Barbeque - Illustrated Recipe by eat with tom

Chicken Hot Wing Dust Spice Blend Recipe

The one and only “Magic Dust” by Mike Mills, is an amazingly versatile dry rub style seasoning for chicken and pork.  The flavor is slightly spicy and savory invoking an almost Cajun effect that finishes with hints of sweetness.  It is guaranteed to invoke fond summer memories of outdoor barbecues and sauce on your shirt. (kinda like that old country song…)

Recipe Inspiration – Peace, Love, & Barbecue

You can use this spice blend a thousand different ways, but my favorite is on roasted chicken.  Just substitute it for the Rustic Tuscan Season from my earlier post “Cook Her the Perfect Roasted Chicken.”  Be sure to drizzle a bit of olive oil on your meat first to help open up the spice.  It is gentle enough that you can generously throw it on without fear.

The combination of salt and sugar in the “Magic Dust” helps to create a luxuriously satisfying crunchy chicken skin.  No matter how strong your self-control, you’ll be eating some of that skin!  Try it on wings and finish with “Frank’s RedHot” sauce to create the best hot wings known to man.  (More on these wings to come in a future post!)

This is another recipe that I discovered through my dad, who has been known to make some seriously good barbecue over the years.  He first utilized Magic Dust on pulled pork, both as a dry rub before smoking and post pull, directly on the sandwich. Be sure to check out the original source of this recipe, Mike Mills book Peace, Love, & Barbecue.

All spices from our local shop The Spice House in Old Town – Chicago
hot wing spice blend recipe

Spice Blend Recipe Chicken Hot Wing Dust


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Hamburger Recipes, Grind Your Own Beef at Home!

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Learn to cook with Tom Schmidt - Chicago Foodblog eatwithtom

Grind Your Own Beef at Home for Amazing Hamburger Recipes!

With a simple food processor you too can have the best burgers known to man!  Grinding your own ‘burger meat transforms a household comfort food into a luxury item.  Start with a fresh piece of organic grass-fed beef and you should claim the “Grill Master” title from your buddies.

By doing the grinding yourself, you retain complete control of what goes into your burger.  I think we all have realized that there are truly unspeakable things integrated into those tubular packages of “hamburger food” sold in the freezer section.  When we go to eat some meat, it might as well be some quality stuff!

Where do you get your favorite high-quality meat?  I am still working my way through the different butcher shops in Chicago and would love to hear some suggestions.

Currently I am a high-rise apartment dweller, so I have to improvise my grilling for the indoors.  I will be working through a few ways to utilize your beautiful hamburger in subsequent posts coming soon!

Hamburger Recipes – How to Grind Beef with Food Processor


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How to Make Homemade Chicken Stock Recipe

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chicken stock recipe mason jars

Chicken Stock Recipe with How To Instructions

Chicken stock from scratch is one of the most under-rated, and under appreciated beauties in cooking.  This winter I have been making lots of soups and they all seem to require some form of soup stock.  Then I got kinda cheap, and thought…man, 4 bucks for some chicken flavored water…  So I began making my own.  Then I started canning it too.

I have utilized a pressure cooker to make this a quicker process, but you can do it with traditional methods as well.  I have included timing notes below for alternative methods.

Another beautiful thing about homemade chicken stock is that when you splurge on an organic chicken, you can really get your money’s worth.  I have started a bone bucket, a Gladware 8 cup tub, that I toss all my chicken scraps into throughout the week and then store it in the freezer.  When the bucket is full its time to make some stock!  Also I have began keeping a veggie scrap bucket with things like kale stems, onion trimmings, carrot scraps, parsley stems, etc.  This practice of saving the both the chicken and veggie scraps gives me plenty of stock material and I barely have to use any new ingredients.  In other words, think of the stock as a your fresh food garbage disposal!

Chicken Stock Recipe with How To Instructions