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Homemade Yogurt Sous Vide Method (Cow or Goat Milk)

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There’s yogurt and then there is HOMEMADE yogurt.  You’ve got to try this recipe to get a taste of the fragrant and deliciousness of a freshly crafted yogurt.  Yogurt, probably super difficult to make, right?  They sell so much pre-made in sooo many different flavors, but none stand a chance against the homemade version.  This dish has become a little treat we enjoy nearly every day now and we simply eat it plain!

Sous Vide Yogurt Recipe for Home made Easy how to with mason jars Annova

Yogurt Recipe for Sous Vide

The origins of our yogurt making date back to a recent crusade to find digestive health.  We had been reading the SCD Diet and along with that, they recommended a homemade yogurt with specific cultures.  GI ProStart Yogurt Starter is the brand we have been using with great success.  If you just want to get your feet wet and try this without ordering a culture, just grab a container of Fage yogurt for the starter. This is one of the few yogurt brands without lots of thickeners and non-sense added.

I recently began making our yogurt with the Annova Sous Vide machine.  The results have been pretty awesomely creamy and consistently fermented each time.  I have also made batches of yogurt the old fashioned way with a cooler and warm water added every few hours.  This kinda works, but the Sous Vide is by far an easier way to get great results.

For the milk, we have made delicious yogurt with both grass fed whole cow’s milk and whole goat milk.  The cow’s milk tends to have a bit of a creamier and more gentle flavor.  The goat’s milk goes a little more sour and maintains a bit smoother texture.  Try them both and let us know how they turn out for you.

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Aeropress Inverted Brewing Method – Chicago Coffee

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Best Aeropress Brewing Method by Joshua from Everybody’s Coffee Chicago

Nothing starts the morning off like a cup of coffee. Or really, the afternoon… or the work week… or even the weekend! With so much coffee, shouldn’t it be awesome? Joshua from Everybody’s Coffee in Chicago is a coffee aficionado who has studied, and perfected the art of the Aeropress inverted brewing method. People come from around Chicago to enjoy his brews, I’ve seen them at the shop… This video and recipe outline the step by step instructions to craft an amazing cup of coffee that doesn’t suck, right at home!

Videographer Tom Schmidt in Uptown Chicago Everybody's coffee brewing recipe and method for inverted

The recipe video begins by explaining the grind size and how it should look (like a coarse sand) for the best result. We used the Hario Ceramic Slim Mini Mill hand grinder with 6 clicks from closed on to get the perfect grind for this variety.

“If your coffee tastes too acidic, grassy/vegetal, or weak, go down one click at a time (a finer grind) & if your coffee tastes too bitter, drying, or harsh, go up one click at a time.” -Joshua

Turn the Aeropress upside down and toss in the grounds. Josh then shows us how to use the Bonavita Kettle to properly moisten the grounds with a swirling motion. This sounds a little silly at first, swirling and pouring slowly… but it helps to open up the flavors and get the hot water more evenly throughout the Aeropress chamber. Can’t argue with results… Once the chamber has reached capacity, give it a gentle stir with a metal spoon or the included stirrer. Replace the lid and LET IT BREW!

Josh uses a basic kitchen timer to track the brewing time which totals just about two minutes, 1:40 for brewing and about :30 for the plunging. He makes it look so easy… that you will definitely have to try it at home. To really geek out on the Aeropress, stop by Everybody’s Coffee and pick Josh’s brain or look up the World Aeropress Championship (no kidding!) for creative and crazy recipes.

Let’s Brew!

Inverted Aeropress Brew Recipe with Step by Step Instructions


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Coconut Macaroons Recipe – Lynnette Astaire

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Lynnette Astaire’s Coconut Macaroon Recipe

Let’s face it when you get hungry, you gotta eat something… And you can’t just bake a chicken or make a fresh kale salad every time the HUNGER strikes! These coconut macaroons sweet, filling and store well for at least a week. That is if you can resist eating them all at once…

Recipe Inspiration: Lynnette Astaire –

lynnette astaire featured on Eat with Tom chicago food blogFor this post we’ve brought in the lifestyle expert and healthy food queen Lynnette Astaire to help us out with a healthy snack recipe. She is a true health fanatic and loves to share her tips and tricks for a great life on her site The content is raw, real and super funny! Her recent Beyonce 7/11 parody video had me cracking up as her and a friend lip-sync the song on the beach in Mexico.

This recipe was inspired by one of Lynnette’s favorite snacks from Whole Foods. The only problem was, she loved them so much that the pre-packaged price tag was eating a hole in her pocket. With a bit of ingredient list research and a few Google searches, voila Coconut Macaroons on the CHEAP!!

This recipe includes almond flour (or meal) to keep it gluten free and gives it nice nutty flavor.  This is a new ingredient for me, but it is a fun one!  Angela the Baker first introduced almond meal to me with the Peach Crumble recipe where she combined it with ground up quinoa for a tasty grain-free topping.

eat with tom professional food photographer tom schmidt

Step-by-Step Coconut Macaroons Recipe Instructions


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Chorizo Recipe – How to Make Pork Sausage

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How to make Chorizo Recipes

A wise man once said: “When life gives you big ole pork butts, make Chorizo sausage”

Here we turn our pork butt into Chorizo, a dynamic and delicious team player in the kitchen. This sausage brings a strong spicy and rich flavor to any dish. (Check out the Seafood Stew!) Chorizo can also stand on its own, I’ll even throw a link on the grill and top it with some ketchup. Shoot, Chorizo can even take the lead on your next conference call, really just a great team player…

When picking out your next piece of butt, choose a nice big one with plenty of marbling. Good fat content is paramount to a successful sausage. Or if your local grocery does not have whole butts, grab a large pack of pork steaks, it is the same meat.

All spices our local shop The Spice House in Old Town

We shot this recipe when my parents were visiting and my Dad Jerry is the true sausage aficionado who got me started with this whole idea. I like to be a conscious eater, and sausage is terribly hard to find without NASTY chemicals. Soooo I am learning to make it at home without the monster toxins!  Additionally you know that the ingredients include good quality meat with the proper fat content (approximately 20% with a pork butt), compared to store-bought sausages that can go as high as 50% fat!

Making Sausage at home is a bit of a project, but it saves super well and you will love spicing up all kinds of dishes with a bit of sausage. Add a bit of chorizo to Kale and Eggs or a frittata to give it a uniquely Spanish taste.  Also you can simply poach these sausages in fry pan with a bit of water or pan fry to an internal temp of 165F for a quick lunch.

The Tools for Sausage Making

Kitchener Sausage Stuffer - Harbor Freight Meat Grinder ReviewYou need a few tools for this project, but seriously, you can afford these! The grinder is $50 and the stuffer is $100. Combined, about equal to the price of a pair of decent dress shoes. Of course you could get it done with the KitchenAid Grinder Meat Grinder attachment, but you likely won’t have as much fun. Believe me, I was bit skeptical on this investment, but I am diggin’ it now!

Electric Meat Grinder
Harbor Freight grinder is a great cheap grinder for the foodie. It is perfectly capable of grinding any meats without bones. It is a simple,  small and light enough to easily put away. It seems that this grinder will run for quite a while as long as you do not feed it rock solid frozen meat.

Although the grinder can stuff your casings it can be a real mess and take a long time to stuff and clean up. A true stuffer is a key tool for success.

Kitchener 5-Lb. Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer
At $100, this is the least expensive route to a great sausage stuffing experience. The tool is finely manufactured and works great. The speed that you force the meat through the tube can be finely adjusted. The ability to control all that raw meat moving around your kitchen will go a long way toward enjoying your sausage making experience and keeping your food prep safe.

Chorizo Homemade Sausage Recipe and Stuffing Tutorial


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Sweet Potato and Hamburger Hash – Paleo Breakfast Ideas

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Morgan Paris Fitness Recipe Paleo Training Eat with Tom Chicago Foodblog

Sweet Potatoes with Hamburger Breakfast Recipe

** Guest Post from Morgan Paris Fitness**

“What should I eat for breakfast?” AKA – the most common question I receive from clients who are just starting their Paleo journey.  This warm and savory dish with a hint of sweetness from the sweet potatoes makes for a great start to many of my days. With grains and dairy out of the question, most people are not sure what they will do without their standard breakfast of cereal with milk or yogurt.

And I don’t blame them! This is a common hurdle for people making the lifestyle change because most traditional breakfast foods don’t fit into the Paleo template. So I wanted to share this extremely versatile recipe for Sweet Potato Hash to help you see that breakfast can still be really yummy, even without ham, cheese and egg sandwiches. :)

One of the reasons I started making this recipe was the fact that I was eating according to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol to help relieve some of my autoimmune symptoms. One of the foods to avoid in this diet is eggs. At first, that seemed to take away even more options for breakfast but I soon realized that it actually expanded my options – I could eat all sorts of things outside of the traditional breakfast choices! So thanks to the Autoimmune protocol, this delicious recipe was born.

And in fact, although the base of this recipe is the sweet potatoes and ground beef, you can add in as many different kinds of vegetables as you want (I use mushrooms and spinach most often) and experiment with the type of protein as well. I also love using ground turkey thigh and ground lamb. It’s fun to experiment with flavors and textures!

“Let’s Cook”, as Tom says!

Sweet Potatoes with Hamburger Recipe


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Green Smoothie Recipe – Cucumbers, Avocado, Spinach

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Health benefits of green smoothies, blenders for great smoothies

Green Smoothie Recipe with Avocados, Spinach, Cucumbers, Apple, Pear

There are infinite combinations of fruits and veggies to grind up into smoothies, but some small additions to norms are a real treat.  This time around I added cucumbers to some basic green smoothie ingredients resulting in a little lighter and brighter combo.

For me the trick to most amazing smoothie is a great blender.  I invested in a Blendtec blender a few years ago, although it did take a while for me stomach the price tag, I am so happy that I took the plunge.  This blender is ridiculously strong, to say the least.  The speed is high enough to even smooth out those pesky raspberry and blackberry seeds that get caught in your teeth.  Want proof of how wildly strong this blender is, check out the Blendtec CEO in his famous “Will it blend” series on YouTube.

Enjoying a green smoothie with a few eggs is my favorite breakfast, although this smoothie is hearty enough for a meal.  If you have a job where you have to leave the house early in morning, the ingredients can be roughly chopped and stored in the fridge.  This is one of my favorite methods to add a healthy green habit to your day.  When it comes to the spinach, the amount can be increased / decreased based on your taste for the green stuff.  If you find yourself out of spinach, kale can be substituted.  An additional apple  can be substituted for the pear.  The banana can be omitted for less sweet, less creamy finish.

How to Make a Green Smoothie