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Citrus-Braised Red Cabbage with Apples and Goat Cheese

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It’s purple and delicious and so easy to make.  Buying a whole head of cabbage always seems like a like you  are singing yourself up for a lot of work, slicing, coring, shaving, etc.  But seriously this goes from ingredients to table in barely 30 mins, and it doesn’t really take that much effort at all!  This recipe for a braised cabbage with apples and a bit of citrus is simple and quick to make… and best of all, it keeps very well and can be enjoyed cold.  Add a bit of goat cheese to transform this beautiful cabbage into a fancy savory treat.  Let’s cook! Inspiration:  Lemonade LA Cookbook Tom’s Flavor Notes:  Clean, fresh, PURPLE, slightly sweet Ingredients: 2 lb Red Cabbage (1/2 of a big one) 4 small organic apples – diced 1 onion – diced 1 tablespoon grapeseed or olive oil 1/2 cup red wine vinegar 1/2 cup orange juice 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon fresh cracked black pepper 4 ounces of crumbled goat cheese Step by Step Recipe Instructions – Citrus-Braised Red Cabbage with Apples and Goat Cheese Get your big knife out and chop the cabbage in half.  Trim out the core and discard.  Turn the half cabbage over onto flat side and cut into 2-3 wedges.  Shave each wedge to create cabbage ribbons. Dice up the onions and apples.  Sautee over medium heat in an extra large fry pan or even a heavy wok with a lid (as I did).  Cook until onions become translucent and slightly soft. Add cabbage to pan and turn to combine.  Add red wine vinegar, orange juice, honey, pepper and salt.  Adjust heat to low and cover to braise for 20 minutes.  Stir occasionally. Once soft, but not moooshy, remove from heat.  If enjoying warm, add to plate and top with goat cheese. For a cool version, store in tupperware and chill for a few hours. I would hold the goat cheese until plating too. Let’s Eat! Tools Needed Chef Knife Cast Iron Wok (or just big ole Fry Pan w/ Lid) Printable Recipe Citrus-Braised Red Cabbage with Apples and Goat Cheese   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 30 mins   Sweet and Purple with a bit of savory goat cheese! Author: Tom Schmidt ( Recipe type: Side Dish Cuisine: Veggies Serves: 4 Ingredients 2 lb Red Cabbage (1/2 of a big one) 4 small organic apples – diced 1 onion – diced 1 tablespoon grapeseed or olive oil ½ cup red wine vinegar ½ cup orange juice 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon fresh cracked black pepper 4 ounces of crumbled goat cheese Instructions Get your big knife out and chop the cabbage in half. Trim out the core and discard. Turn the half cabbage over onto flat side and cut into 2-3 wedges. Shave each wedge to create cabbage ribbons. Dice up the onions and apples. Sautee over medium heat in an extra large fry pan or even a heavy wok with a lid (as I did). Cook until onions become translucent and slightly soft. Add cabbage to pan and turn to combine. Add red wine vinegar, orange juice, honey, pepper and salt. Adjust heat to low and cover to braise for 20 minutes. Stir occasionally. Once soft, but not moooshy, remove from heat. If enjoying warm, add to plate and top with goat cheese. For a cool version, store in tupperware and chill for a few hours. I would hold the goat cheese until plating too. Let’s Eat! 3.2.2925  

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First Snow in Buffalo Grove – Pictures with Tom

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In Chicago it snows.

Winter has always been the most dreaded season for us. The harsh cold wind that pierces through even the thickest and toughest of winter coats, the sharp air that sucks the moisture out of everything and anything, and just the sheer coldness that drives us to hide in our insulated dwellings, safely away from the chilling claws of winter.

Yet, there is magic in the first snow. The dancing snowflakes blanket the land, transforming everything they touch, giving beauty to even the most mundane of landscapes such as the suburb we live in.
What better time to take a stroll and enjoy the silent and mesmerizing snowy day?

Enjoy the first Snow in Chicago with Tom and Priscilla.

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Tom Schmidt Photo in Buffalo Grove Chicago

Tom Schmidt Photo in Buffalo Grove Chicago

Tom Schmidt Photo in Buffalo Grove Chicago

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Chicken Hot Wings – Oven Roasted and Cooked to Perfection

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Do chicken hot wings have their own place in the food pyramid? I think they might have left them off the bottom… Maybe they just ran out paper when they were drawing it.

Glorious chicken hot wings, how I love thee. If there ever was a food that could brighten even a dark Chicago winter day, it would have to be the perfectly roasted chicken wing, with magic dust of course, and finished with some Frank’s hot sauce. Worries disappear as you get covered in hot sauce and the lips start to tingle. BLISS.

Chicken Wings, Hot wings with Magic dust mike mills eat with tom schmidt

I perfected this recipe while living in CHI-Town (Chicago for the rest of y’all) in a classic high-rise condo building. It’s nice enough, but they forgot to put a balcony with a grill on our unit! Consequently, I have been relegated to preparing my favorite chicken wings in the oven. My love for wings and chicken makes this one by far the most tested recipe.

Chicken Wings, Hot wings with Magic dust mike mills eat with tom schmidt

For years I have oven-roasting these famous wings on aluminum foil lined pans, but recently switching over to parchment instead. I have heard from a few people about how aluminum might hurt the brain… I would much rather kill my brain cells with booze rather than aluminum foil!

Be careful, these wings are bound to impress your friends, so buy plenty if sharing. I have seen 100 pound girls demolish upwards of 20 wings, seriously.

These wings are also great un-sauced for those with a little less tolerance for the spicy.

Let’s Cook!

Recipe for Oven Roasted Chicken Hot Wings with Franks Hot Sauce and Magic Dust


Hot Wings
3 pounds high quality chicken wings
1/2 cup Magic Dust seasoning (Check out the recipe!)

2/3 cup Frank’s Hot Sauce
1/2 stick butter (not margarine folks…)

Chicken Hot Wings – Oven Roasted and Cooked to Perfection


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Aeropress Inverted Brewing Method – Chicago Coffee

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Best Aeropress Brewing Method by Joshua from Everybody’s Coffee Chicago

Nothing starts the morning off like a cup of coffee. Or really, the afternoon… or the work week… or even the weekend! With so much coffee, shouldn’t it be awesome? Joshua from Everybody’s Coffee in Chicago is a coffee aficionado who has studied, and perfected the art of the Aeropress inverted brewing method. People come from around Chicago to enjoy his brews, I’ve seen them at the shop… This video and recipe outline the step by step instructions to craft an amazing cup of coffee that doesn’t suck, right at home!

Videographer Tom Schmidt in Uptown Chicago Everybody's coffee brewing recipe and method for inverted

The recipe video begins by explaining the grind size and how it should look (like a coarse sand) for the best result. We used the Hario Ceramic Slim Mini Mill hand grinder with 6 clicks from closed on to get the perfect grind for this variety.

“If your coffee tastes too acidic, grassy/vegetal, or weak, go down one click at a time (a finer grind) & if your coffee tastes too bitter, drying, or harsh, go up one click at a time.” -Joshua

Turn the Aeropress upside down and toss in the grounds. Josh then shows us how to use the Bonavita Kettle to properly moisten the grounds with a swirling motion. This sounds a little silly at first, swirling and pouring slowly… but it helps to open up the flavors and get the hot water more evenly throughout the Aeropress chamber. Can’t argue with results… Once the chamber has reached capacity, give it a gentle stir with a metal spoon or the included stirrer. Replace the lid and LET IT BREW!

Josh uses a basic kitchen timer to track the brewing time which totals just about two minutes, 1:40 for brewing and about :30 for the plunging. He makes it look so easy… that you will definitely have to try it at home. To really geek out on the Aeropress, stop by Everybody’s Coffee and pick Josh’s brain or look up the World Aeropress Championship (no kidding!) for creative and crazy recipes.

Let’s Brew!

Inverted Aeropress Brew Recipe with Step by Step Instructions


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Coconut Macaroons Recipe – Lynnette Astaire

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Lynnette Astaire’s Coconut Macaroon Recipe

Let’s face it when you get hungry, you gotta eat something… And you can’t just bake a chicken or make a fresh kale salad every time the HUNGER strikes! These coconut macaroons sweet, filling and store well for at least a week. That is if you can resist eating them all at once…

Recipe Inspiration: Lynnette Astaire –

lynnette astaire featured on Eat with Tom chicago food blogFor this post we’ve brought in the lifestyle expert and healthy food queen Lynnette Astaire to help us out with a healthy snack recipe. She is a true health fanatic and loves to share her tips and tricks for a great life on her site The content is raw, real and super funny! Her recent Beyonce 7/11 parody video had me cracking up as her and a friend lip-sync the song on the beach in Mexico.

This recipe was inspired by one of Lynnette’s favorite snacks from Whole Foods. The only problem was, she loved them so much that the pre-packaged price tag was eating a hole in her pocket. With a bit of ingredient list research and a few Google searches, voila Coconut Macaroons on the CHEAP!!

This recipe includes almond flour (or meal) to keep it gluten free and gives it nice nutty flavor.  This is a new ingredient for me, but it is a fun one!  Angela the Baker first introduced almond meal to me with the Peach Crumble recipe where she combined it with ground up quinoa for a tasty grain-free topping.

eat with tom professional food photographer tom schmidt

Step-by-Step Coconut Macaroons Recipe Instructions


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Carrot Orange Beets Ginger and Turmeric Juice (COBGT Juice)

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beet juice recipes how to juice carrots

Beet Juice Recipe to Boost Your Nutrition Intake and Brighten Your Day!

Bold color and big nutrition. This juice is loaded with some richly colored roots, kicked up with ginger and turmeric and then smoothed out with some oranges. It turns out super red, but don’t let that fool you, it doesn’t taste as earthy (like dirt) as you might imagine a beet juice blend.

beet juice recipe cleanse ideas
With the eternal question of juicing or smoothing, I choose both. I have not gone down the juice cleanse road, although I have heard some amazing things from friends. I look to juicing to complement my diet by getting a concentrated dose of nutrients, QUICK. This allows me to get some of the goodness from greens, roots, and fruits that I likely would not have eaten raw.

When picking out the ingredients for this juice, I go the bulk root produce section. If you go with the less pretty, but organic versions (i.e. bulk beets) you can get this elixir done on a budget. Turmeric can be a little trickier to find, but seems to be at most of the Whole Foods in Chicago. If you cannot get your hands on it, just go for the ginger, it will still be a treat.

carrot juice recipe with orange beet ginger turmeric

Recipe Inspiration – Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well

Squeezing all of those whole foods into a smooth juice does come with a hit of sugar, so be prepared. I tend to do my best thinking and work when I am not spiked on sugar, so I like to enjoy my juice with meals to blunt the sugar rush. You will definitely still feel a jolt of nutrients and energy any way you enjoy this powerhouse blend.

Lynette Astaire, an interesting personality in the health, fitness and fashion scene, whom I met in Chicago, has been chronicling a 21 day fast on YouTube. It’s quite informative and entertaining, definitely worth checking out. Sooner or later, I will be pulling Lynnette in for a collaboration on Eat with Tom, stay tuned!


Juice Recipe with Beets, Orange Turmeric, and Ginger Step by Step Images


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Summer Seafood Stew with Salmon and Mussels

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Tom Schmidt commercial photographer website

Seafood Stew Recipe with Salmon, Mussels, Fennel, and Chorizo

Bright, hearty and complex! This salmon and mussel seafood stew has a delightfully fresh tangy flavor and a deep savory finish. Although it is a warm stew, it is perfect on a summer evening with a glass of white wine.

This is one of our favorites for at home celebratory meals. Compared to some of the more simple (and cheaper…) dishes featured on Eat with Tom, this one is definitely worth the investment. Maybe a good idea for the next big night in with your sweetie…

Seafood Stew Recipe Salmon Mussels FennelFeel free to make this with whatever seafood is available in your area, this dish is versatile. I have made it with a variety of fish and seafood ingredients, but have landed on Coho salmon and mussels as my favorite. The Coho Salmon has a strong flavor that is perfect in the stew and tends to hold together nicely.

Recipe Inspiration – Feasting at Home (blog)

Don’t forget the lemons! The stew develops a wonderful depth of richness that is brightened up with the zestiness of the lemon juice.

Step-by-Step Summer Seafood Stew Recipe


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Bacon Wrapped Dates – Bring a Hot “Date” to Your Next Party!

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Bacon wrapped dates recipe pictures how to make healthy party food

**Guest Post from Morgan Paris Fitness**

Do you love hearing people comment on how awesome the dish you brought to the party is? I know I do!  These delicious Bacon Wrapped Dates will delight your tastebuds with the rich sweetness from the dates contrasted by savory, salty bacon.

I’m exited to share this recipe with you because it’s kinda become my “thing.”  I always bring my ” Dates”   ;)   to parties and secretly I can’t wait to hear, “oh my gosh, these are so good! Who brought these?!”

Now that my secret is out …

Not only are these delicious, they are SO EASY to make! I recommend getting the Uncured Bacon from Trader Joe’s because it is nitrate and nitrite free. You can also pick up a package of their Fancy Medjool Dates there, too. It ends up being analmost perfect ratio (sometimes there are a few dates left over that you can use in another recipe).


But wait, there’s more! These are also pretty healthy! So they have a high sugar content, but the protein and fat in the bacon helps slow down the absorption of the sugar into your bloodstream allowing it to disperse and digest normally. Dr. Mercola shares these various health benefits:

  • First and foremost, dates are easily digested, allowing your body to make full use of their goodness.
  • Dates contain 6.4-11.5% of fiber which helps move waste through your colon and helps prevent LDL (bad) cholesterol absorption by binding with cancer-causing chemicals in your body.
  • Dates contain iron, potassium, B-vitamins, Vitamins A and K, copper, magnesium, manganese, niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin.
  • Together these factors help your body better metabolize carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Eating dates in moderation can contribute to many additional health benefits including stroke prevention, protecting against damage to cells from free radicals, as well as less chance of coronary heart disease and the development of colon, prostate, breast, endometrial, lung, and pancreatic cancers.

Bacon Wrapped Dates Recipe


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Peach Quinoa Crumble (Vegan, Gluten-Free) – Healthy Dessert Recipe Ideas

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Eat with Tom in Chicago - Food blog for the new food culture

Peach Quinoa Crumble – Healthy Dessert Recipes

**Guest Post from Angela the Baker**

Toasted and ground quinoa combined with almond meal elevates this simple peach crumble to gourmet status.  Almonds and peaches are a winning combination as close cousins on the family tree (pun fully intended.) These blushing ladies I got are so amazingly sweet, it only takes a little boost from some jam and maple syrup to reach that perfectly balanced nature of  home-style  fresh fruit crumble.  Missouri has so many wonderful small production farms and orchards.  When I saw these peaches from Hilltop Farm, I melted with joy!  This is seriously healthy comfort food any way you slice (or scoop) it.  Bonus, it’s vegan!

For the topping I toast and grind the quinoa to create the awesome texture everybody loves.   The sweet nutty flavor that develops compliments the almond meal and oats, enhancing the simple nature of the grain. Bound by some coconut oil and seasoned only with a pinch of salt and some sugar, the stuff is snack crack!

toasted quinoa crumble with peaches healthy desserts

The recipe will yield a bit of extra topping, never fear, try it on top of some fresh fruit (or homemade yogurt) and you will be in heaven.  When I first became aware of quinoa, I didn’t give it much thought, but a fascinating conversation with a friend and a few minutes on wiki got me really excited. As a pseudo-cereal, it is a complete protein, and chalk full of important minerals that some people struggle to include in their diets like magnesium, calcium and iron; with plenty of fiber and essential amino-acids this underutilized grain deserves its super-food title.

I hear a lot of requests for vegan and/or gluten-free desserts, and before recently, I would have just passed it off.  But the more I explore the better I feel about adapting my favorites. I personally have no need or major concern for following any specific diet plan, no big allergies to contend with or any other situation, but I have come to love cooking this way.  You can really wow some people after they’ve tried this crumble by telling them it’s true nature.  The smells that come from it while it’s baking should be bottled and sold.

As Tom would say,
“Let’s cook!”

Peach Quinoa Crumble – Healthy Dessert Recipe


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Chickpea Pizza with Eggs, Spinach and Tomatoes

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The best recipe for gluten free pizza - chickpea flour crust

Gluten-Free Chickpea Flatbread Pizza Crust Recipe

“I want Pizza!!”  We all have the craving, so why fight it?  This gluten-free pizza recipe will leave you not only satisfied, but inspired to create all kinds of pies.  The chickpea crust has a uniquely creamy and hearty taste that will fill you with happiness.  Not to mention, the crust is soooo easy to make, you will never have the urge to deal with a ‘regular’ pizza dough again!

Recipe Inspiration Food Matters, Mark Bittman

This recipe has become a busy evening favorite at my house.  As with any pizza, you can make it as complicated or simple as you like.  I erred on the simple side for this ‘za (as my brother the pizza delivery driver says…) to help you get a handle on this method of creating the crust.  Also, with a pizza this basic, you likely have most of the ingredients in your fridge.

This dish has evolved from the Mark Bitman recipe for Easy Whole Grain Flatbread.  He mentions building the pizza after the bread (crust) is fully cooked, but I have modified the cooking times to accommodate a hearty dose of toppings.

I have baked this off quite a few times and have included a few tips below that will aide you in a perfect pizza on your first try.

Ingredients for the best gluten-free pizza recipe - Eat with Tom Chicago foodblog

Chickpea Pizza Crust Recipe with Eggs, Tomatoes and Spinach