Green Beans Stir Fry with Tempeh – Vegan Dinner!

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Stir fry this and stir fry that… You can basically stir fry anything!  This is a great combo (Green Beans, Carrots and Tempeh) for a meat-less option that will still keep ya full past dessert.

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The unassuming fermented soybeans (tempeh) wear a meaty disguise to this veggie party with an amazing ability to soak up the dark soy sauce flavors. Add a pile of fresh crunchy green beans, a few carrots, with plenty of garlic and ginger for a bright and satisfyingly hearty ethnic taste.

Your co-workers may even ask: “What type of meat is that in your super delicious looking stir fry left overs??”

And no Bob, you can’t have any my stir fry…

Speaking of left overs, this is one of our staples for a pre-cooked, packaged meal and frozen meal. We have embarked on many stir fry cooking sprees of over 20 pounds on a Sunday afternoon.  Then we split up the loot into 1 pound FoodSaver vacuum sealed bags, the perfect single serve healthy lunch or dinner for a guy on the go. Reheating is a breeze and the flavors / textures remain pretty darn good even after a few weeks!

As of this writing, I have eaten our packaged stir fry in 15 states and at 35,000 feet somewhere over Russia… Have stir fry, will travel.


Let’s Cook!

Green Beans Stir Fry with Tempeh


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Quick Weeknight Stir-Fry with Coconut Aminos

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**Guest Post from Morgan Paris Fitness**

This extremely simple chicken and vegetable Stir-Fry recipe will leave your taste-buds feeling like you slaved over the stove when in fact you threw together a package of organic chicken (make high quality meat a priority!) and some pre-cut frozen veggies in a pan and pushed “go.”

You know the nights you get home from your workday and you are just so pooped it feels like it may be easier to eat an entire bag of chips than take time to make a healthy dinner?  It’s not a pretty sight… I get whiny and draggy and I’m pretty sure my fiance (yes, we just got engaged this week, I am on cloud 9!) wants to stick me in the frying pan right along with the veggies.

My favorite part of this dish, besides the fact that it is healthy, is the sweet and salty flavors of  Coconut Aminos. You can buy this alternative to soy sauce online or at Whole Foods. Not only does this replace soy (for those who are sensitive or who follow a Paleo diet), this baby is jam packed with healthy amino acids which are the fundamental building blocks of our tissues.

I hope this recipe will become a staple in your yummy food repertoire for the nights you need to make something quick that will still fuel you in a healthy way!

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